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All Growed Up

This is what Monday’s Macro of Frangipani buds looks like when they are all grown up!

All Growed Up - Frangipani Bunch

Walking around Sydney’s Royal Botanical Gardens in the light rain was rather, uncomfortable, at the time shall we say. In retrospect however, seeing all the photographs I took with fresh raindrops on them… what’s a little rain, huh?!

We could have walked around these gardens for hours except one unnamed thirteen year old was not as enamoured with all the blooms as the rest of it. There are only so many times a mother can hear… “mum, how much longer?”

Flying or simply staying AFLOAT! (WPC)

When my sister-in-law was behind the wheel of their ski-boat the children were assured that when they were on the air-mattress being towed, they’d stay AFLOAT.

My brother on the other hand, when he was behind the wheel, the children were never certain if they’d be floating or flying, lol!

Floating or Flying, it's sometimes the same (MM2-6)

What delighted me the most however was how Miss Eleven, she who initially declared she’d only ride the mattress ONLY if SIL went slowly and gently, screamed, laughed and wanted more!

Nope, of all the things she screamed and cried, the one thing she didn’t yell was… “mum, how much longer?”

Snack Time – Wordless Wednesday

Migratory Birds in the Morning Light (MM2-6)

There were many wonderful aspects of our accommodation in Australia when we were staying on the Sunshine Coast but besides the view, the ability to walk along the water’s edge had to be our favourite by far.

On our first morning as Master Thirteen and I made our way along the riverbank to the beach, hundreds and hundreds of migratory birds took flight from the water, flying in great waves against the morning sky.

Migratory Birds - Sunshine Coast, Qld - Australia

The first morning we witnessed this I was almost in tears. You see, the camera was back in the apartment as I simply wanted to enjoy this first walk with my son. Trust me, the following day all romance was out the window with the camera hanging from my neck!

Each morning thereafter when we would watch, completely motionless, as these birds skimmed across the water then the sky, ducking and weaving like schools of fish beneath the ocean’s surface. It was simply incredible.

Each morning we’d look on in awe at this natural phenomenon, wondering…  “mum, how much longer?”

New beginnings…

Whilst in Sydney a couple of weeks ago, whilst in search of the restaurant where we had lunch reservations (turns out we were MILES away, never making it there but that’s a COMPLETELY different story, lol :) ) we found ourselves walking through the Royal Botanical Gardens.

Up until then I’d been disappointed I’d missed the Frangipani’s in bloom whilst in Australia. That was until we turned right, walking beside Government House, and what did we happen upon but tree after tree of Frangipanis. In every color, in every stage. It was… glorious.

Having grownup with many a Frangipani tree in our gardens, it’s hard to believe I’d forgotten how these beautiful blooms begin their life.

Budding Frangipani Buds

Seeing these blooms in such early stages greatly confused me as my body works on the Northern Hemisphere seasons these days. Looking at these new blooms it felt like the Spring I thought it was!

With the temperatures still so very HOT (yes, above 30C is HOT for me!) I gave up telling myself it was Autumn in Australia, especially as come the next day we’d be in Vancouver. Hence, Spring it was. And now we’ve returned, you may have noticed I’ve been doing a little “Spring Cleaning” with my blog… this week a new look, next week the new name!

With the pending anniversary of “mum, how much longer“, it had me rethinking the purpose of this blog. Something which has changed rather substantially with my father’s passing and my mother’s subsequent move into a high-care nursing home distinguishing her interest in computers.

Conclusion… time for a change!

Our move to Canada has rekindled my love of photography therefore wanted to reflect this in my blog’s name, well… kinda, sorta. Also this week, I’ve begun redirecting posts from the old to the new domain, “coffee fuels my photography!” Yes, my new blog name combines two of my great loves, lol! ;)

Hopefully this change will be as smooth and seamless as the beginning of this bunch of Frangipani. Come the beginning of May it will also mean the end of… “mum, how much longer?”


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