It’s a Murder in the Making (Fav Foto Friday)

The crows are doing double-duty this autumn with all the rain around. Never before have I seen crows pecking at the ground for whatever creatures are lurking beneath the surface.

Murder in the Making

When it comes to crows, I tend to think of them as decimating someone’s trash can or fighting over some unfortunate road-kill. Never do I think of them as birds that search for something fresh and tasty!




Frangipani Freshness (Flower Friday)

Travel theme: Camaraderie

As I watch flocks of birds fly over-head, I often wonder if there is a sense of CAMARADERIE amongst these animals or if it’s simply a case of every bird for itself.

Camaraderie of Birdds

Do they whisper behind their wings about one another? Do they look at their butts and wonder if those feathers makes it look big? Do they compare size of feathers?

Do they ever get together over some fresh bugs to discuss a new flight plan or does the wind simply blow in a certain direction telling each and every one of them, “it’s time“? I wonder as things aren’t always as they seem…

Where's my Backpack?




Low Aperture (OWPC: Aperture)

Today, well this entire week actually, isn’t going as planned as life has once again thrown us a huge curve-ball. Nothing life-threatening, so no worries on that front, but it’s enough to have my thoughts shooting in a thousand different directions.

So here I am, VERY late and VERY unorganized (you have NO idea how much THAT pains me) with my take on APERTURE – Jennifer Nichole Well’s word for this week’s One Word Photo Challenge.

Rising Moon

Choosing a larger aperture for last night’s full moon allowed me far more detail of the moon but caused the surrounding mountains to somewhat disappear. In this capture you can just see a glimpse of my Lovely Liz on the bottom right-hand corner of the moon.

And who knows, perhaps if I actually mounted my camera on a tripod it would be even easier to get these full moon shots but if I did that, the sun would be rising by the time I had everything set up. Given how everything is right now, something at least is better than nothing, lol!






Swedish Design with an Asian Influence! (Wordless Wednesday)

Mother hen and her chicks! (Wordless Wednesday)

The Moon, The Mountain, the Magic (WPC: Trio)

The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge for this week is… TRIO.

Admittedly I’d been struggling over the weekend as to what I could possibly share for this challenge but come yesterday afternoon the answer was staring me right in the face. THIS was just outside my kitchen window!

Moon Magic

Running late, as always, I’d run upstairs to finish preparing dinner before collecting the children from their band rehearsals after school when this caught my eye. As I walked to the back glass door, my breath actually caught in my throat.

The sky almost void of any encumberments, with the exception of a couple of wispy clouds just above the mountain, was changing colour with each movement of the moon. To say it was glorious would be an understatement.

To see such natural beauty right before me in a world full of turmoil is such a blessing. A gentle reminder to appreciate the little things in life, never take anything for granted.





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