Summer Raindrops (Monday Macro)

Bewitching Bridge in the Morning Mist (MM2-22)

When Master Fourteen first began fishing the river here, this is where we came almost every morning and even some evenings. With the mist rising off the water, it was VERY easy being Designated Driver.

Betweitching Bridge in the Morning Mist

This is also my submission for this week’s Monochrome Madness over with Leanne Cole Photography where the theme this week is… BRIDGES (I hope, lol!).

Leanne Cole Photography



Me? Normal?

Here’s to August with a Pinch and a Punch!

Different Kind of Beauty (One Four Challenge)

As often is the way, my days don’t always correspond with the days of the various challenges I participate in. Hence this month I have a fifth Friday for Robyn’s One Four Challenge. That’s okay though as I wanted to “mess things up” a  tad!

Yesterdays Beauty - Grunge

The Grunge Filter is one of my favourites so just had to try it out on this photo to give it that old world feel of yesteryear and a gone-by era.

To the days of couples strolling down to the hot springs, she with her long skirts and parasol, he looking dapper in his suit, hat and naturally a walking cane!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What a glorious time that era would have been with all those swishing skirts. Then again, given my love for laundry, I don’t know that I would have survived, lol!


the ONE FOUR Challenge






Clematis Colouring (Flower Friday)

High HUMIDITY Levels (One Word Photo Challenge)

In preparation of our crossing the Panama Canal, we were up on the front deck by 6am armed with both children and champagne. Alas, the HUMIDITY changed our plans with both these things as you can see from this hazy photo.

High Humidity Levels

My camera, much like the children, was not responding well to the heat. Even the official photographer was experiencing the same problem which, although bad for her, made me feel a little better to know it wasn’t something I was doing.

As for the champagne and children, the champagne we put back on ice and drank that evening whilst the children, well… they lasted until the scheduled time we were meant to do our first crossing and when that didn’t happen and wasn’t going to happen anytime soon, they left.






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