the ONE FOUR challenge: Week 3

Seriously, altering just one photo to produce four different looks doesn’t sound that difficult does it? WRONG… hence the word CHALLENGE!

Here here is my week three of the Captivate Me’s One Four Challenge.

One Four - Week 3

One would think when you look at this photo is that all I’ve done is simply changed the colour. Yet to get this end result I seemed to have tweaked EVERYTHING – Highlights, Shadows, Tint, Vibrance, Clarity, and even a little Angling was thrown into the mix. Too funny!

the ONE FOUR Challenge



Tulip with ‘Tude!

Until moving to Canada I always thought there was only the one, stereo-typical tulip but I now I know different. This tulip in particular always brings a smile to my lips as it looks as if it will bite!

Tulip with Attitude

To one day see a tongue come shooting out from the centre of this bloom, well, it would NOT surprise me in the least, lol! ;)



Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge #20


When attempting to escape the hot, burning sun of Huatulco, Mexico via the shade of the trees, we happened upon this gentlemen standing guard outside a shop.

Odd Ball Huatulco

It was love at first sight for Darling Daughter and myself. If we could have stuffed him into our beach-bags we would have. Oddly, he reminded me of George Clooney’s Batman with those unnecessary nipples!


Cee's Odd Ball Challenge



One Word Photo Challenge: HOT


When we did our cruise of the Panama Canal in 2013 it was September/October. Naively we thought being that time of the year the weather would be similar to that what we knew in Australia, quite pleasant. Oh how wrong were we. It was hot. UGLY HOT.

You know ugly hot, it’s when it’s that hot sweat trickles into places sweat just shouldn’t be so you wear as little as possible to counteract the trickle. Wearing less however means there’s more on show… as I said, ugly hot.

We arrived in Huatulco, Mexico and not only was it hot, it was humid, the worse possible combination. The only way to extinguish this heat was by way of the super-sized cocktail.

OWPC - Huatulco Hot

Needless to say not much touring or exploring was achieved on this day. And when the children begged to return to the ship and its air-conditioning, there were NO arguments from either of us… provided we could finish our cocktails first!


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