Just a slight dusting…

We woke this morning not only to a gaggle of girls downstairs as Miss Eight had two sisters over for a sleep-over but to a beautiful dusting of snow on the far mountains. I love how the trees are coated. I always laugh as if there is snow on those trees there won’t be snow here.

Today I had to look twice at Mount Elizabeth as it was giving the appearance of a volcano but instead of oozing red-hot lava its white-hot lava with a cloud of ash hovering over the top and giving the trees below the illusion that they’ve been covered in ash.

Is that a unanimous “you need to get out more” I hear?! Come on, honestly tell me you can’t see the volcano in there? I asked the children to have a look but all I received from them was a resounding… “mum, how much longer?”

So... what did you think?

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