Grass Root Level (Monochrome Monday)

The snowfall we received at the beginning of the month is forever etched in my mind. They were the lightest and fluffiest snowflakes I’d seen for the longest time.


A photograph doesn’t do them justice. The way each flake settled so gracefully in amongst each blade, balancing so delicately as if daring the wind to blow it off, was beautiful to watch.





Going Green (iPhriday Flowers)

Of all the beautiful flowers that were in the gloriously huge Christmas arrangement my husband gave me, these green beauties are all that are left amongst all the greenery.


Not that it diminishes the beauty of the arrangement by any means, with the tendril of red berries cascading down one side and the she-cat constantly licking the cellophane on the other side, the arrangement lives on!






52 Weeks Photo Challenge: Week 22 – Nature… ain’t she glorious?!

My word for last year was acceptance. Now, don’t for one moment think it meant accepting whatever rubbish was given to me, quite the contrary in fact.

It meant accepting my own limitations and requesting assistance when required; speaking up to NOT accept haphazardness in others; and to accept defeat gracefully and move on! The Super Moon last year being a prime example of the latter.

No matter what I changed my camera setting too or at what hour I attempted photograph that moon, there was simply no way on earth I could not capture the grandeur like so many other photographers were. I accepted defeat. The Super Moon and I were not meant to be. Until this…


Having dropped the children at school, I was making my way home carefully on the roads as once again we were being blanketed in an Arctic Outflow. Everything it touched seem to immediately turn to ice, including the roads. Hence I was driving like a tortoise.

That was until I began driving up a hill and there, sitting on top of this hill was the Super Moon in all her glory. Challenge Accepted. There was enough time for me to get home safely, out onto my deck with camera in hand and voila, one last VERY successful happy snap. {sigh} Isn’t nature glorious?

NATURE is this week’s word for the 52 Weeks Photo Challenge: Week 22 from The Girl That Dreams Awake.






Sailing into the Abyss (Wordless Wednesday)

A Photo a Week Challenge: Fresh (Snow)

With FRESH as this week’s challenge word from Nancy Merrill Photography, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to share another photo from last week’s fresh snowfall. Note: Snowfall here is a rarity in the last quarter-century.


The reflection of the pier lights in the harbour behind us created the most glorious background for our neighbour’s tree which, for me, was perfectly coated in just the right amount of snow!






A Snowy Smile (Monochrome Monday)

Towards the end of last year, in my mind 2017 was going to begin so very differently to this. This year I was going to set myself up a photography plan then work that plan like nothing else… hmmmm. 


Given it’s already mid-afternoon on the second Monday of January it’s safe to say there’s still no plan as of yet. Obviously my brain somehow heard fitness instead of photography, immediately going into NOT-A-FLIPPIN’-CHANCE mode!😂

Fortunately simply taking photographs wasn’t part of the yet-to-be-planned plan. And with a fresh snowfall just last week there’s a photo or two that can be shared without a new plan, phew!





For something different… LIVE ORNAMENTS! (Christmas Countdown)

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