Determined or Stubborn – you decide (iPhriday Flower)

Having only just the previous week finally tidied up the front garden after plans of doing it over the summer, this lone Dandelion held its head up almost triumphantly on the other side of the driveway amongst the autumn grass.

Determined or Stubborn - you decide!

Perhaps its just me but I view this lone flower waving at me rather like that of someone waving their middle finger at me – nothing good can come of it.

Gray Days and Coffee





A Transmitting Fog (JHC: Fog)

On one of our trips to the orthodontist, the fog sitting over the Skeena River was so thick and heavy it stayed with us for two-thirds of the 145km journey. Normally it either burns-off or disappears not longer after the Port Edward turn-off.


Since it was over the summer, thankfully the camera was with me since I knew there was no urgency to return to Prince Rupert to meet end-of-day school bells. Time is always the evil that works against me!

Fog is today’s Halloween Challenge word from Jennifer Nichole Wells.






Christmas came early… Christmas Cactus that is! (Wordless Wednesday)

So Local they made themselves at home! (WPC: Local)

What a time we had with the locals in our area of late. Beginning Sunday morning, then off and on until yesterday morning (Monday), they’ve more than made themselves at home on our property, wandering through willy-nilly.

First it was a determined young doe climbing onto the roof of our back shed in search of the tastiest morsel. One can only assume she was satisfied with her nibblings!


Then at midday (in what could be deemed to be a lot of women’s fantasy come true) a divine young buck set up camp under my bedroom window, staying almost until sunset. Standing on occasion to rut the bush beside him before settling back down.


Then yesterday morning, having dropped the children at school and run a few errands, on returning home I noticed this little one between our back stumps taking what was obviously a much-needed rest. The poor little thing was breathing so hard.


The local deer are always welcome at our house. When out picking up Halloween decorations on Saturday, Miss Thirteen and I even spotted two deer walking through the car park of our local grocery shop. The best part – they even use the zebra crossings!

And just so happens this week’s Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge is… LOCAL!




When the Sun leaves the Flower (Monochrome Monday)

Sunflowers have been bought with the shopping every other week for the sole purpose of photographing. And every other week the petals begin falling before inspiration has hit, lol. Today however I thought I would embarrass my petal-less bloom!


After plucking the few remaining petals off, it was intriguing to see how the sunflower kept it’s sunflower essence thanks to its Involucre, the green petal-like parts at the flower’s base.






Pink Puff Ball (iPhriday Flower)

Sometimes even I am left speechless at the amount of tweaking I do to a photo when I’m editing it on the iPhone. Seriously, this flower was on a bush of many blooms yet here it is, single and alone. Oh well!

Pink Puff Ball

The only defence I have is that the children must have taken longer then usual getting to the car after school that day as that’s when I tend to do my phone editing, sitting in the school car park. Ah yes dear friends, it’s all about time management, lol!😂


Gray Days and Coffee





New-Age Count Drac! (JHC: Bat/Vampire)

This guy was one of the very first Halloween decorations I bought after moving to Canada. He’s not very gruesome but he does have a certain “je ne sais quoi” about him I think (or perhaps I’m simply going batty, lol).

Count Drac

Count Drac and his bats is my submission for Jennifer Nichole Wells Halloween Challenge today of – Bats/Vampire. How did Jennifer know my vampire came complete with bats I wonder???






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