They’re back!!!

Whilst I was outside this afternoon I heard above me what sounded like a phone vibrating only in stereo. I knew immediately what it was… my hummingbirds were back!

I wasted no time finding our hummingbird feeder, filling it then hanging it outside. Within an hour we had company. This year as you can see I’m conducting an experiment with the red liquid to see if in fact it attracts more birds than the clear sugary liquid.

I was soooooo excited at the return of the hummingbirds I was bouncing around the kitchen like a labrador puppy. Of course, the children simply rolled their eyes at me and asked… “mum, how much longer?”

0 thoughts on “They’re back!!!

  1. I enjoy watching hummingbirds too. We use to have several of them show up in the summer when the neighbors trumpet vine. Has an orange flower on it that looks a bit like the bell of a trumpet. Would sit out beside the vines and enjoy them.


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