We’ve arrived!

We’re in Quebec City and loving it. Admittedly, staying in the old city certainly does enhance the experience!

I don’t know though, I’m scared as once again, everything went as clockwork – planes were on time, staff were helpful (mostly…),  luggage arrived with us, cabs were government controlled so there was no “feeding the meter”, and even our room was ready at 9am when check-in wasn’t until 3pm.

I even managed to extract the children from our upgraded room to see the resplendent Chateau Frontenac amongst other things!

Here is the wonderfully decorated City Hall. This was just a mere portion of what they had but with Miss Nine there it does give you an indication as to the scale of it all… HUGE!

But the biggest discovery was that Batman was here! Okay, so it was one of the Popes but when you have Batman in your suitcase awaiting Halloween, it looks like Batman!

Wandering the city this afternoon was so much fun but we didn’t even scratch the surface. To stay a week would be perfect… “mum, how much longer?”

So... what did you think?

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