Rock n’Roll Baby!!!

What a bummer! The Captain advised us this morning we’d experienced 30ft swells last night but we slept through them. The forecast for today are 12-18ft swells.

I just wish I’d taken my camera down to breakfast with me as the restaurant is on Deck 6 at the very back of the ship where one could really feel the joy of these swells. I thought it was awesome but by the time Master Eleven’s Eggs Benedict arrived he wasn’t so sure. I had to shovel my breakfast down so we could get back to the cabin pronto.

From outside our room looking down on the swell it seemed as if things were improving.

Yet the Captain came on at lunch time to say that he was updating his earlier forecast to 18ft swells all day, hopefully diminishing overnight. We all survived the swells exceptionally well provided we couldn’t see the movement. Feeling it was one thing but to see the ocean going up and down, well that was completely different.

Hence we all bunkered down for the day in our cabin watching movies and enjoying room service. We watched our limited stations well into the night yet not once did I ever have to hear… “mum, how much longer?”

0 thoughts on “Rock n’Roll Baby!!!

  1. Hey JoJo welcome back finally but OMG how did you manage not to visit the porcelian bus with those swells??? Glad it was you and not me I went yellow just looking at your pictures 😦


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