Good Morning Tampa!

Let the sun shine!

Good Morning!

How disappointing, there are still things on our “to do” list to do but today is the last day of our cruise. We had put our names down for a tour of Tampa before heading to the airport but alas, we were too late. If we had gone we may have seen…

City Hall I think...

As they say though, things happen for a reason and this morning we enjoyed a leisurely breakfast and quiet time on the ship. There were people sitting on the stairs for hours waiting for their group to be called, odd!

Going through the city of the Tampa we couldn’t help but notice more traffic lights that are hung side-ways instead of down. We’ve seen this a lot on the east coast. Makes sense in a crazy kind of way.

Side-ways traffic lights

Some of the billboards on the way to the airport were just hilarious. This one really caught my eye. Is nothing sacred?!

Baby fat... WTF!!!

Sadly though, the planes are on schedule and we’re heading home. It will be good to see the cats again. Goodness knows what state the house will be in after two ticked off cats have had full reign. Oh my… “mum, how much longer?”

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