Out my kitchen window!

One would think by now that looking out my kitchen window at something other than children playing in the backyard or hummingbirds around the sugar feeding would be getting old but heck no, there is always something to be seen.

Plus, for whatever reasons, the last two days have not gone to plan. Not that they were particularly bad days by any stretch of the imagination, but when one seems to run from one thing to the next without anytime to breathe in-between, I don’t like it.

I’m a Domestic Goddess for goodness sakes, not a Corporate Climber so there shouldn’t be any reason to be rushing. Thank goodness for my kitchen window!

It’s like my very own Nature Channel but without the reruns! Although I’m sure for those of you who aren’t physically here looking out my window, one snow-capped mountain is the same as another. Am I right?

I will always beg to differ I’m sorry, especially looking at these far off mountains still caked in what appears to be a lovely deep coating of snow. Truly, aren’t they simply divine?

Mountains, trees and snow... LOVE IT!!!

With the deep green of the trees against the contrast of the white of the snow, for me its always glorious and certainly never tiring.

My children on the other-hand when I gasp at the beauty of the sun streaming down upon the snow… “mum, how much longer?”

So... what did you think?

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