Weather over the week-end!

Oh. My. Gosh. The weather here over the week-end completely did my head in as each day we’d experience nearly all weather conditions possible. Honestly if it had begun snowing I really don’t think anyone would have been surprised the weather was so weird.

We’d wake to rain beating down on the roof, by the time we sat down to brunch it was partly cloudy/partly sunny, dinner-time would be full-on sunshine but by the time we were back in bed in would be thundering and lightening with the rain once again BUCKETING down. WTF!

During one of those morning of the rain coming down I saw this little guy doing what I perceived as shivering outside. I so wanted to bring him inside to sit by the fire but knew all that would result in would be one happy cat picking his or her teeth with a long beak!

Hummingbird in the cold

Then as I watched on all I wanted to do was grab the loofer and the shower gel for him so he could make the most of the raindrops!

Hummingbird bathing

Mother Nature in all her glory – makes you glad to be alive – and warm and dry inside! I’m finding it hard to believe that here it is July and there are still Hummingbirds flying about. As they were here early this year I was worried they may have left early. Not so, however but… “mum, how much longer?”

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