Once more out my Kitchen Window!

As promised I’ve resumed looking out my window once again and am NOT disappointed…

This time though I’m not looking out onto Mount Elizabeth, it’s the Pacific Ocean and not the Canadian one thank you but the Australian one! There’s something about waking up and looking out onto the ocean. I just love it!

Out my Kitchen Window

Our apartment also allows us to look up the Queensland coast and also over the Maroochy River, it’s simply beautiful! Yep there’s no denying it, if you have to visit family this is the place to have to do it, the Sunshine Coast – Queensland, Australia.

Looking up the Queensland Coast!

It’s always wonderful to be back as this is where I was lucky enough to grow up. Tough huh? Obviously it’s changed considerably from when I was born but so far all the changes have been for the best and both children enjoy visiting.

Unfortunately when planning these trips back to Australia its always met with dread due to the 15 hour flight from Vancouver to Sydney with a two-hour flight before Vancouver and the same after Sydney.

As this is now the children’s third trip (my forth) in two years the one thing I don’t hear anymore as both children catch up on all the latest releases whilst flying as there’s no movie theatre in Kitimat is … “Mum, how much longer?”

0 thoughts on “Once more out my Kitchen Window!

  1. Thanks Terrie and we may just head your way NEXT time so consider yourselves warned! This visit was ensuring mum was all settled into her nursing home but as she’s looking the best she has for ages hopefully this means we can “spread our wings” a little more whenever we visit Austrslia now…


  2. Hi Jo as always you are welcome for a visit. Let me know if you are stopping in Sydney for long and we will drive down to say hi if we can.
    xx Terrie


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