We have new neighbors!

Earlier this week I was reminded of yet another thing I so associate with Australia, the sound of magpies. Their musical warblings always make me smile as it’s just so unique!

You wouldn’t call the Australian magpie beautiful by any stretch of the imagination but on saying that, they aren’t “unfortunate” looking either. To give you an idea these are the two from the tree directly in front of our apartment.

Magpie Mates

Now, don’t be fooled by the stance of these two magpies, as even though they aren’t looking at each other, I have a hunch they are in fact mates. Why do I think this? Because of this…

Magpie Nesting

These two little love birds have been busy building this nest, gathering twigs. leaves and bark. This is hardly surprising given the superb weather we’ve been experiencing. It must be so confusing for nature as it feels that winter is well and truly over and spring has already sprung… time to breed!

They, or should I be saying “she”, as it’s actually the female magpie that does the building of the nest, appear to have finished building as they are no longer collecting, she is just sitting.

What a shame we won’t be here for another three weeks so we could witness the hatching of their “clutch”. How exciting would that be? Could you imagine the children waiting for the chicks? For that matter could you imagine ME waiting for the chicks to be hatched? “Mum, how much longer?”

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