Travel Day… ugh! :(

I vaguely remember my first long-haul flight, it seems like a thousand years ago! I was moving to Germany to work but first was stopping in Los Angeles to visit a friend, then onto London to begin a tour of Scandinavia, Russia, and East Europe. It was all so exciting back then!

Now many, many flights later and traveling with two little people, it’s changed somewhat. There’s no denying however having someone to stay with the hand-luggage come wash-room time, or to be on luggage spotting duty on the carousel does lighten the load!

This morning as I stopped the alarm before it even rang at 2.15am, all I could think was that it was going to be a long, LONG day and I just wanted it to be over… and it hadn’t even begun 😦

There was no need to worry though as everything went exceedingly well. The shuttle arrived on time at 3.45am, the children enjoyed breakfast at the airport whilst I plunged into an extra-large coffee with extra shots. The sun rise over Brisbane airport was quite beautiful making the flight to Sydney that much better.

Sunrise over Brisbane Airport

Our next flight, from Sydney to Vancouver, was brilliant. Yet again we were being paged as soon as we stepped foot into the International Terminal but at least we knew from previous experience we still had time to stop for snacks and a little window shopping before heading to the gate. The ground staff couldn’t have been nicer, to the point they actually came up to me and offered early seating since we were a family. No fight for over-head locker space – BOO YAH!

For this flight the three of us were separated but that was okay, after such an early start no one was feeling particularly social anyways and were all hoping for a little shut-eye for a faster flight. Well, one can always dream can’t one as we head up into the clouds?!

Having one's heads in the clouds can be good sometimes!

As Darling Hubby had meetings in Vancouver he changed our flights and arranged an early check-in at the hotel so we could spend the night with him. It was soooo very nice walking into a hotel room knowing service was but a phone call away. Yep, I’d have to say this is a great way to deal with jet-lag as we almost immediately closed the curtains and were asleep!

We woke up in time for dinner and this – talk about the stars being aligned – this full moon was incredible!

Full Moon by HLR

Now it’s time for a midnight snack and we’re waiting for our pizzas to be delivered as our stomachs growl… “mum, how much longer?”

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