Oh Liz, you were almost TOTALLY nak-ked!

With the rain we’d experienced over the week-end and particularly yesterday, I honestly thought that the last remaining snow clinging tightly to the side of Mount Elizabeth would finally be extinguished. This would have left Liz completely naked!

Lizzy you're almost nak-ked!

But alas, as the rain clouds that had been covering Liz for the last few days lifted late yesterday evening, Liz’s nakedness was not revealed. In fact it was the opposite.

What happened Liz?

Yep, there was snow up there on them there hills. There was snow to the right but this snow I captured this morning is no longer there thanks to today’s sunshine.

Snow to the Right

However, the snow over to the left is still quietly sitting, waiting for more, MUCH MORE!

Snow to the Left

Now we just want snow, serious snow, down here but… “mum, how much longer?”

0 thoughts on “Oh Liz, you were almost TOTALLY nak-ked!

  1. Not so much for up on the mountain tops. November 1st our “depth sticks” go up around the fire hydrants as Halloween is normally when you can expect snow! I say all this with the sage advice of this being only our third winter, lol 🙂


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