Tricked you, tricked me!

It just doesn’t pay to be clever, or blogging for that matter, late at night as I was supposingly setting up a scheduled blog for 4.13pm tomorrow however even though I changed the time I didn’t alter the date, oops!

late night computers

It’s tonight (Thursday) we fly to Los Angeles, and it’s tomorrow (Friday) afternoon that we set sail, lol. I just laughed when I fired up the computer at 5.30 this morning and saw the error of my ways, goodness me.

Plane o'clock!

What can I say, I am counting the hours until 2pm tomorrow when we HAVE to be boarded and unbeknownst to my husband, I have ordered treats to me waiting for us in our cabin. Let the holidays begin!

Not long now before we hit the road for the first of our two airports, and not long now before the voices both in, and outside, my head begin with… “mum, how much longer?”



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