Cruise time begins in Los Angeles!

Let the good times begin!

Flying into Los Angeles late Thursday night was just beautiful, as was the hotel Hubby chose. Although we did almost embarrassed ourselves when we saw these cookie barrels sitting in the foyer of the hotel full of cookies and went to help ourselves. Fortunately we saw the “Doggie Deli” sign before we helped ourselves!

Doggy Treats

We treated ourselves to a sleep-in the next morning, then after breakfast yesterday we went for a wander around Long Beach before heading over to the ship. We stumbled upon some very interesting artwork.

Miss Ten looking cool in Long Beach

The fire-hydrant though was our favorite.

Gold Fire Hydrant - how glamerous!

Arriving at the ship terminal we didn’t have to wait long at all, especially once they took our booking confirmation. It was so funny as there was obviously a “concern” with our booking as many people were consulted. Master Twelve convinced himself our booking had been cancelled but it was quite the opposite.

Turns out we were “VIP’s” so were immediately escorted through security before being introduced to our “on-board” concierge who then had us taken to our cabin. Needless to say Master Twelve was more than appeased with this new situation, especially when our “butler” arrived with a plate of chocolate dipped strawberries. Now you see them, now you don’t!

The beginning of Vacation time!

What a way to begin our vacation, and what a way to farewell Los Angeles, sipping our champagne and nibbling our canapés. One could become accustomed to this life, lol! Watching the police zipping around the ship on their jet ski was quite interesting also.

Police on Ski-doo

Others weren’t too fazed either way with our departure. I just adore how sea-lions, no matter how large, still have to lie what appears to be right on top of one another!

The farewell committee

Watching the sun sink on Los Angeles was just glorious.

Farewell Los Angeles - hello wonderful cruise!

Tomorrow is our first port of call – Cabo San Lucas – VIVA MEXICO. Bring it  on… “mum, how much longer?”

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