Only 31 Sleeps until Christmas – woo hoo!!!

Our Christmas decorations were all up Remembrance week-end much to the annoyance of many but like I say… “tell someone who cares – I LOVE CHRISTMAS, lol!!!” 🙂

It always amuses me how absolutely infuriated some become when the decorations go up so early but why not in the Northern Hemisphere I ask? Truly, what better place is there for appreciating Christmas lights. Yep, if one can put lights into it, one should shouldn’t one?!

Mad Hatters Christmas!!!

And how cute is Rudy? A few weeks ago Hubby went out for wood to build a frame for our trailer and came home with him, along with the wood of course! 🙂

Rudy is IN the house!!!

With only one calendar month until Christmas the time has come and gone for making lists; it’s now time to be checking those list twice to avoid pulling one’s hair out whilst screaming… “mum, how much longer?”

0 thoughts on “Only 31 Sleeps until Christmas – woo hoo!!!

  1. I should warn you now – once Qld celebrates the EKKA in August, there are no other holidays or long week-ends so really, once September school holidays are ticked, it’s CHRISTMAS TIME!!!


  2. I don’t put any up until after American Thanksgiving. I hate it when the stores have stuff out before Halloween. I was surprised to arrive in Brisbane Airport to see Christmas décor already. I doubt our shipment will arrive in time to do a tree this year 😦


  3. I have the opposite problem – I started my Christmas shopping so early I can’t remember where I’ve hidden everything – I have double gifts for some, then no gifts for other, oops, lol! 🙂


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