A Cupboard full of Contemplation!

Thank goodness for good intentions as without them there would be no pantry full of ingredients for the wonderful delights I “intend” to create in the kitchen. And thanks to the combination of good intentions and lack of time, Master Twelve was able to fill two bags with groceries he wanted for the school’s Food Bank Drive.

Watching Young Sir in the pitch-black walking into school at 7.30 this morning with his ruck-sack full on his back, whilst balancing two bulging bags of groceries and a saxophone, my eyes filled with tears at the realization my boy is becoming a man. His understanding of responsibility not just to his family but to his school and his community made me so proud.

On returning home, I made Miss Ten and I French Toast, something we haven’t had since her birthday back in May I’ve been advised, lol. Shame on me, little wonder they tasted so darn good. Or was it they tasted so good as it was simply so nice sitting, chatting with my Darling Girl, learning about her week ahead as we munched on our breakfast? Me thinks it was the latter! 🙂

After she’d left for school, I couldn’t help but reflect on how blessed I am – a warm house, extra food in the cupboard, and happy, healthy children. Makes one stop and smell the roses… or at least the Spider-Mums in one’s vase!

Fresh Colored Flowers

PLUS, I spoke to my Hubby not once but twice this morning! Hubby left Thursday afternoon for an overnight stay in Vancouver for meetings and has yet to return. Hmmm… “mum, how much longer?”

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