Living within a Postcard!

With all the snow we had Thursday, Friday and even Saturday night it was inevitable that there would be tobogganing to be enjoyed over the week-end and what better place for this to be achieved than at the Golf Course.

Looking across the snow-covered course it was almost as if we were stepping into a postcard. It was simply breath-taking.

Livin' in a postcard, livin' the dream!

With Christmas just around the corner it’s as if we are living inside our own Christmas card!

Livin the postcard - Merry Christmas

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas but… “mum, how much longer?”

0 thoughts on “Living within a Postcard!

  1. Hi jojo recieved your chrissie card today thankyou so much it was a lovely suprise and wow what a contrast your wonderful pics are to our hot 32 degrees here! And yes they are for sure postcard material.
    Merry Xmas JoJo to you,Donald,Harrison and Mackenzie l hope you stay warm and enjoy the white xmas whilst we sweat to death cooking xmas lunch in the heat and l hope santa finds you all the way over there in the beautifull Kitimat
    Merry Xmas and the very best to you all for a fantastic 2014
    Shazza xxxx


      • Hey JoJo well xmas day is almost over for us here jn aussie land and l am thinking it is just start for you guys and present opening has begun hohohoho After a very busy day in my house l have finally put my feet up to relax before bed whew! Wow with the eldest 5 grandies pressie opening was on for young and old lol and then our newest addition 4 week old Montanna well she not so impressed and yes JoJo my other daughter had Montanna on the 27th November and she made number 6 arghhhhhhhh children really can make you feel old lol
        Sooo l hope you all have a fantastic day and eat lots just like l did and hey JoJo how is your mum doing?
        Hohoho merry xmas and much happiness to you and the family
        love shazza xx


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