The countdown is ON!!!

From one extreme to the next… oh… my… gosh! Why is this happening today?

With present opening to begin in one short sleep’s time this is how I found Miss Ten earlier today – under the tree scoping the “lay of the land” in preparation for tomorrow morning.

Present Search 2013!

What I failed to see at first glance was that Miss Ten was in full sleuthing mode and was in-fact taking photos of the tree branches with her iPod to determine if there were any additional presents to be had, lol! 😉

Present search complete with iPod photos

That was before...

Now she is lying in bed with what seems like a temperature and not herself at all. Normally it’s Master Twelve who is sick at Christmas but after spending the beginning of Winter Break with her BFF only to now learn the sister spent the day yesterday throwing-up I fear their roles are in the process of being reversed. Pass the bucket please?

This morning all we wanted was for it to be CHRISTMAS TIME, now I’d be happy with merely feeling-better time. The count-down is well and truly on… “mum, how much longer?”

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