Guiding Lights!

As I was going through all my photographs in readiness to do the next scrapbook on my long LONG list, I came across this capture.

Our hotel last month in Vancouver dated back to early last century and these were the hallway lights on our floor which look as if they could be originals. Aren’t they gorgeous?

Hallway Lights in Vanouver - just beautiful!

On this occasion I was “meant” to be filling up our trash can with ice. Yes, Mama is a tight-wad and refuses to pay exorbitant prices for soda and water, preferring to buy them at the shops then put them in ice back in the room. As I’ve mentioned before on numerous occasions, it’s the curse of being born beautiful instead of rich, bawhawhaw! 🙂

Anyways, as I wandered to and from the ice-machine, I couldn’t help but notice how old and regal these hallway lights were so was determined to capture this beauty on film. Needless to say, a certain Miss Ten was inside our room inquiring… “mum, how much longer?”

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