Easter Hummers!

What greater gift could nature have given me for Easter other than the return of my Hummingbirds!

Thursday morning poor Master Twelve, as he was nursing his sore throat, was attempting to croak to me that he’d seen a Hummingbird. I believed him although didn’t see any myself that day but did take the opportunity to clean and refill the feeder just in case of this!

Welcome home little Hummingbird!

However… come Friday that distinctive sound was in the air once more, announcing the arrival of more than one little Hummingbird, yea!!!

Then Saturday morning, lying in bed, listening to the sound of rain falling intermingled with the sound of Hummingbirds flitting here and there was just delightful. No guessing where I can be found these days, lol! 🙂

Hummingbird Tongue - how cute!

I ask you, how cute is that little tongue? By the end of the week-end we had three or four little Hummingbirds fighting over the feeder, just NOT when I had the camera in my hand of course.

Last night Master Twelve was attempting to talk to Hubby and I but we were both staring out the window, totally absorbed with the Hummingbirds. Eventually Master Twelve twigged he didn’t have our full attention, prompting this muttering… “Hummingbirds? How much longer?

0 thoughts on “Easter Hummers!

    • In three years I’ve only ever seen ONE squirrel in our yard, and even then it was only on the fence. Perhaps we have the people up the road to thank who regularly feed them, much to their neighbors “disappointment”…


      • gah! we have bylaws here now in Vancouver to not feed the animals, especially in the city. Hell, there’s even a skunk in my area now as a result and I’m betting is because someone’s feeding it. :-


      • People think they are doing these animals some sort of favor but there’s a time and place for everything and their backyard is NOT the place!


      • It’s all about repercussions isn’t it, if there are no consequences for doing it they won’t stop until something nasty happens and even then, they won’t acknowledge it has anything to do with them…


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