5 o’clock somewhere…

For the longest time I’ve been looking at my “Australia” clock to check if it would be a good time to call my mother. You see I have two clocks set-up in the kitchen one for here and one for there and each time I look at “there” I see this…

What time is it???

Looking at it again this afternoon I marveled to myself the odds of looking at the clock at the same time each day. Then it dawned on me, this wasn’t the first time today I’d looked at the clock, and this wasn’t the first time it has been this time… uh oh 😦

Subconsciously I must have known this when I bought myself these pj’s whilst we were away…

It must be 5 oclock somewhere!!!

Not that I was thinking phone calls when I saw them but it could explain my lack of “awareness” of it being continuously the same time, lol! As for my phone call… “mum, how much longer?”

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