Stationery with a View!

As we made our way home from the Big Smoke on Sunday having filled our trailer with fire-wood in readiness for winter, we detoured by a store or two. At one of our stops just as I opened my door I noticed this scene which rather took my fancy.

By the side of the parking lot!

Wedged between the parking lot where we were and the train tracks on the other side there was this small slice of beauty.

Perhaps it was with the cloud-cover above (as if the cloud-cover is going to be anywhere else…) but the greens and yellows of this bush along with the browns of the long grass appeared almost glowing in the late morning light.

Ever so slowly I’m learning to “seize the moment” with my camera, trying hard not to be distracted whilst others in the background tap their toes as if to say… “mum, how much longer?”

14 thoughts on “Stationery with a View!

    • That will soon enough be me as I’ve tended to “miss the moment” in the past rather than keep anyone waiting but given the times I now wait for them all bets are off, lol! 🙂


  1. The clouds are so low close to the ground and it appears that the shrub is a gigantic tree. It is very mysterious. I could see the swaying of the tall grasses as well.


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