WWII Wall Treaments

The last thing we expected to see when visiting Cape Spear, Newfoundland were relics of World War II. Of course in hindsight, this being the most easterly point of North America makes it such an obvious choice. Turns out it was a strategic point in the Battle of the Atlantic.

The battery and garrison that were constructed here as protection from German submarines convoys still remain. The bunkers and underground passages, albeit most are locked from general access, still hold that feeling of necessary urgency.

Cape Spear WWII Wall Treatments

The discoloration of the wall only adding to this sense of eeriness. Initially the children were convinced they’d stumbled upon something quite sinister but once those notions were dispelled much exploring ensued. (Note to self: more cooking shows, less murder shows).

The two 30 tonne gun barrels that still prevail 60+ years later totally blew us away, no pun intended, but if I start on those I’m sure even the heavy cloud-cover we’re currently experiencing wouldn’t silence your cries of…  “mum, how much longer?”

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