The OTHER Miss Piggy

When you hear the name “Miss Piggy” mentioned, the last thing you’d think of would be a plane. Yet up in Churchill it’s just that.

Miss Piggy is the remains of freight plane, which on developing engine trouble during an approach to the runway back in 1979, managed to land among the rocks without a fatality.

Not QUITE what you think of when you mention Miss Piggy!

The plane remains where it  landed but has subsequently been painted for a movie that required just this, a plane crashed in what appears to be the middle of nowhere.

As for the name Miss Piggy, this nickname came about following one of the plane’s many and varied cargo deliveries, that of a loads of pigs!

Master Thirteen was very eager to explore the skeleton of this beast but this was discouraged by our tour guide, who standing guard with his rifle (for noise only) was not a person to be ignored.

This didn’t deter Young Sir however who still managed to see quite a bit even with the oldies of our group in front of him hugging the few good vantage spots there were. It only took one peek at my boy to know what he was thinking as he respectfully waited for these people… “mum, how much longer?”

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