The “Taste” of Christmas!

Last week a friend’s aunt shared with me some of the BEST Rocky Road I have EVER eaten. And what’s more, she’d made it herself!

When it comes to Rocky Road I won’t deny I’m a tad particular about what I eat. This is for no other reason then if I’m going to eat something so absolutely DECADENT, you’d better believe it’s going to have to taste MIGHTY fine!

Whether it was because of my polite compliments or perhaps it was my barrage of potty-mouth compliments, whichever, I was privileged enough to have the recipe SHARED with me.  This is my third batch, adding Turkish Delight and substituting pistachios for walnuts. Makes it all “Christmas” like, lol!

Christmas Rocky Road - absolutely delightful! :)

And you know what, it tasted soooo good with many a batch going in different directions. Even those who screwed up their nose to marshmallows succumbed to the allure of the Christmas Rocky Road.

The family was VERY quick in making their feelings known, no sooner has one batch been finished then I’m being asked about the next batch… “mum, how much longer?”

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