The “Smell” of Christmas!

The smell of rosemary will always remind of stuffing, but not turkey stuffing. It will forever remind me of growing up with our Sunday lunch of roast chicken with a hint of rosemary in the stuffing. Every week it was the same, it never changed.

Then I was given a rosemary bush which Hubby couldn’t get enough of. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, contained Rosemary, ugh. Oh how I began loathing the smell of rosemary. That was until this! How fabulous is this for a table?

Rosemary and Cranberry Candle

My love of rosemary may JUST be returning. Admittedly the aroma of rosemary and cranberry doesn’t actually fill the air but as the woman I worked for in Germany would often say, its “visually pleasing“!

Odd how I often think of her and ask myself if what I’m doing is visually appealing. At the time though every time that woman uttered that phrase I would scream in my head… “mum, how much longer?”

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