The “LOOK” of Christmas!

Well, here it is Christmas Eve with the declaration once again being made that this is the last year I’ll EVER be hand-making all our Christmas cards. Well, Christmas cards with the children’s photos on at least.

This is a little of what I had to go through last month in order to get “the” shot for the front of this year’s Christmas card…

What’s that saying, “never work with animals or children” – oh how true it is. There are moments when it is SO much fun; there are moments when it is NOT so fun, lol!

As for what I’ll do next year, who knows, I’ll climb that hill when I get it to it. In the interim however there’s that fat guy in the red suit to consider. Hmmm… “mum, how much longer?”

5 thoughts on “The “LOOK” of Christmas!

  1. Merry xmas JoJo to you and Donald and Harrison and McKenzie hope you all have a magical day and try not to eat too much but knowing your banquets lol well l’m tipping there’ll be enough for the entire street hehe l hope you also have a wonderful New Year and that 2015 is filled with many great things for you
    Christmas this year has been clouded by my eldest grandson who is only 9 breaking both the bones in his right arm 9 days ago and after reattending the hospital yesterday in the hopes of getting a fibreglass plaster found that both bones had moved apart instead of mending so operation at 8pm last nite for 2 rods to be inserted into the bones where they will stay for 6 months needless to say there is one very upset little boy whose arm at present is very very painful 😦 but we are lucky enough to have him home in time for xmas released at 330pm xmas eve and l might add all this through no fault of his own injury being caused by an adult who thought he knew better so main objective xmas morning cheering up the little man take his mind off the pain …..any ideas JoJo?????
    So to you JoJo l say eat drink and be merry and have an awesome xmas day xxxxxx

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    • Hey Shazza

      I do so hope the pain in your grandson’s arm has lessened to the point of disappearing and that Christmas day was the beginning of a new adventure for him and his “wing”.

      We spent Christmas in New York – which was VERY different but absolutely brilliant. Then again, how it could it NOT be, it was New York! We’re back home again now, wondering where our year shall lead us…

      Sending nothing but good thoughts, HUGE hugs and much love to all at your house, Jo Jo xx


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