A Kiss on the Cheek can be…

This past Christmas for us was spent in New York City and was like nothing we’d EVER experienced before with Christmas Day being NO exception!

We treated ourselves to lunch at the Waldorf Astoria at the Bull and Bear Steakhouse which was absolutely MAGNIFICENT but I’ll share more of this with you next week once I’m back in some semblance of a routine, for now I want to share a photo of Young Sir. On his cheek is lipstick and NOT from me!

A Kiss on the Cheek can be quite continental...

As we sat waiting for our next course, up came this beautifully coiffed blond who all but grabbed Master Thirteen by the ears to plant a huge kiss on his cheek. She then went on to declare how she could NOT walk past the most handsome young man in the restaurant without giving him a kiss and if she was 10 years younger he’d be in trouble. How gorgeous!

Naturally, true to his nature, my Darling Boy simply sat there as if women came up to kiss him ALL the time. As this wonderful stranger disappeared, a small smirk quietly appeared on his face. Meanwhile, Hubby and I are beaming like children in a toy shop, or should that now be an Apple Store!

Perhaps I’m biased, heck, I know I am but he really did look rather dashing that day in his Sunday finest and what a wonderful memory for him. As to his next kiss, well… “mum, how much longer?”

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