Empire State Building – Then and Now

Earlier in the week I received an email containing iconic photographs of the last century. Some photos were incredible; others a tad dubious.

One however particularly interested me given our recent vacation to New York City – it was the view from the Empire State Building the day it opened back in 1931.

View from the Empire State Building on opening day1931!

And this is my photograph of the view from the Empire State Building, Boxing Day 2014 – the same yet different!

Downtown Manhatten - Boxing Day 2014!

If you thought the crowds at the Boxing Day sales were bad, you should have seen the lines at the Empire State Building. My GOSH they were long. I have never been so grateful for fast track tickets in all my life.

We actually waited longer for Hubby to go back to the hotel to get the tickets (he’d inadvertently brought the previous day’s lunch reservation) then we did in the all the lines up to, and including, Floor 102!

As we skipped each queue we could feel the daggers gouging into our backs whilst hearing that familiar tune… “mum, how much longer?”

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