Appreciating the SCALE of our record-breaking snowfall (WPC)

Now the snow has settled after our record snowfall over the week-end, the scene outside doesn’t look that different to our previous winters. Birds are chirping, children are playing, lol!

What you can’t truly appreciate however is how we went from grass on Thursday to this on Saturday, receiving TWO METERS of snow in just TWO DAYS. This is just a small part of our front yard which is level to the road!

The sheer SCALE of the snow in town is difficult to comprehend!

Imagine an ENTIRE town having to cope with such a colossal amount of snow in such a short period of time, especially with the power being out. We only went without power for maybe 28 hours; some were without power for three days!

The sheer magnitude of snow having to be moved from not only our street, but from parking lots, driveways, rooftops, boats, and even trees as quickly as possible was, and still is, mind-boggling.

The SCALE of this never having been seen by many of us before, and likely never to be experienced again. We were some of the fortunate ones but for many, MANY others the question being asked repeatedly was… “mum, how much longer?”

16 thoughts on “Appreciating the SCALE of our record-breaking snowfall (WPC)

  1. We live in the mountains and have never gotten that much in such a short time. This year we aren’t getting much and the warm temps we’ve been having are melting much of it 😥

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    • It’s certainly unusual to have such a large dump here, the norm is just a couple of feet at one time. Sadly this snow is going to go as quickly as quickly as it came with rain just around the corner – it’s going to get REAL ugly ,REAL quick 😦


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