This morning I discovered I was one of the nominaees by the lovely LRod’s Blog to join in the fun of spreading the love… in just four words!

This challenge originated over at #LoveBooks Blog from the hashtag trending on Valentine’s Day… #whatisloveinfourwords. And speaking of Valentine’s Day, weren’t these a lovely yet unexpected treat from Hubby!

Valentine Flowers for MOI! xx

Each person nominated in this challenge is asked to write ten, 4 word sentences about love and what they believe love is. This is followed by a favorite love quote from a book, a movie, or from a famous person. You then nominate ten bloggers and ask that they spread the love.

Here are my ten 4 word sentences about Love: 

1. Love my FIRST coffee
2. Love you washing up
3. Love is kind words
4. Love is family laughter
5. Love is accepting others
6. Love the morning stillness
7. Love nature’s incredible beauty
8. Love the little things
9. Love is loving yourself
10. Love my blessed life

Piglet and Pooh on Love...

And my ten nominees who I truly hope will enter into the spirit are:

1. The Seeker
2. The Nerdy Canuck
3. The Whispering Pen
4. This, That and the Other Thing
5. ~ L to the Aura ~
6. The Britany Elizabeth Blog
7. A. Writes
8. De Monte y Mar
9.  Renxkyoko’s Space
10. My Wall

I understand if you are rolling your eyes at me but hey, it’s fun and it’s quick. Seriously, it’s simply about love, there really isn’t much scratching of the head and wondering… “mum, how much longer

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