Migratory Birds in the Morning Light (MM2-6)

There were many wonderful aspects of our accommodation in Australia when we were staying on the Sunshine Coast but besides the view, the ability to walk along the water’s edge had to be our favourite by far.

On our first morning as Master Thirteen and I made our way along the riverbank to the beach, hundreds and hundreds of migratory birds took flight from the water, flying in great waves against the morning sky.

Migratory Birds - Sunshine Coast, Qld - Australia

The first morning we witnessed this I was almost in tears. You see, the camera was back in the apartment as I simply wanted to enjoy this first walk with my son. Trust me, the following day all romance was out the window with the camera hanging from my neck!

Each morning thereafter when we would watch, completely motionless, as these birds skimmed across the water then the sky, ducking and weaving like schools of fish beneath the ocean’s surface. It was simply incredible.

Each morning we’d look on in awe at this natural phenomenon, wondering…  “mum, how much longer?”

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