One century ago…

Today is the 100th Anniversary of ANZAC Day.

ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) Day is the anniversary of the landing of troops from Australia and New Zealand on the Gallipoli Peninsula, Turkey, in World War I on April 25, 1915.

Together we remember the courage of all those who engaged in this campaign and the lives of those lost in all military actions since are remembered.

One such brave man who not only fought at Gallipoli, but after receiving medical attention having been injured by a sniper there, returned to continue fighting alongside his regiment AND lived to tell the story. He was my mother’s father.

Grandpa Charlie and his bride  on his wedding day!

Sadly his “grandfather” title was never obtained as he died when my mother was only 10 or 11 so for me he’s always simply been “my mother’s father“. My children however aren’t happy with that, especially as he was a returned soldier, hence he has now received the posthumous title of “Grandpa Charlie“.

It would appear Grandpa Charlie and I share a common interest – photography! Whilst serving for his country, he traveled with a Kodak pocket vest camera, developing the photographs in the sun on the shores of Gallipoli and in Egypt. And if that’s not amazing enough, many of these photographs survived. Here are just a few.

The shadow in this first photo is of Grandpa Charlie whilst they were in Palestine.

Grandpa Charlie at War

This is one of his photographs of a camel convoy Duran, Palestine.

Camel convoy Duran, Palestine.

At this stage I am unable to marry up this photo with a description apart from… Ambulance, Duran. (Given this is the only photo with anything resembling an ambulance I think it’s safe to go with it.)

Australian Soldiers and their Horses

Even now, after all the horrific stories and massive loss of life, there are still wars being waged every day, why? Honestly… “how much longer?”

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