Berry nice in colour also, lol!

Yes, I know, I know… this is the same photo from yesterday but what can I say? I like it!

Berry nice in Color also...

Honestly, I like both equally, be it in color or in black and white – sometimes it just comes down to mood don’t you think?!


21 thoughts on “Berry nice in colour also, lol!

  1. Nice photo! 🙂

    This photo though reminded me of my little broken heart – our blueberries in the yard which were blooming so beautifully in the beginning of spring, were attacked by tiny caterpillars. In a couple of days, even after I have sprayed some organic insecticide, all the young leaves and little flowers were gone. Even our little cherry trees were not spared. Anyway, I am sorry though for that little rant. 🙂

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    • Thank you Imelda but am so sorry to hear about your Blueberry Bush being annihilated by caterpillars – what horrid beasts. Sending you my cyber-boots to stomp on any lingering critters! 🙂

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      • Oh no! I keep waiting for our faux cherry blossom (everyone tells me it’s NOT a cherry blossom tree but are unable to tell what it really is, lol) to be taken over by caterpillars to do their annual cryovacing… so creepy yet so very intriguing at the same time!


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