Intricate Stitches that are Nanny’s (WPC)

My mother’s hand quilting immediately came to mind for the Weekly Photo Challenge of… INTRICATE.

Nanny's intricate stitching!

Often she would hand-stitch a section, look at it, then pull it all out as it wasn’t “up to standard“. Mum would then re-sew the offending section.

And as if this hand-stitching wasn’t enough, for this particular piece, she hand-dyed a lot of the fabrics. Nanny was good… real good!



16 thoughts on “Intricate Stitches that are Nanny’s (WPC)

    • When we were first to move to Canada back in 2008, our life was packed and sent in September. December we were to leave but were advised the project was deferred. It took until April to see our belongings again yet that entire time until it was returned my mother was SO concerned about was this quilt, nothing else, just her quilt. Too funny! 😉

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    • Wow is the word, thank you! Mum, couldn’t or wouldn’t sit in front of television and just watch, she always had to be doing something, lol! 🙂


    • Yes, it’s a quilt but we’ll NEVER lie on it, lol! Mum included a hanging loop on the back for me so that it can be displayed so she’d always be “part of the family”. 🙂

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