One Word Photo Challenge: Storm

Beside the house we had in Australia there was the most beautiful little stream that would babble away almost every day. Every day except those days there was a STORM!

Storm Waters

A sound like a freight train could be heard as this great wall of water could be seen hurtling down the hill after any decent amount of rain, quickly turning our gentle stream into a raging torrent.

Then as quick as it began, it would be return to the stream it once was, just with a little more debris hanging from its edges!



21 thoughts on “One Word Photo Challenge: Storm

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    • Funny you should say that! We were on the side of a hill so I would brag how I didn’t have to worry about flooding… Although the creek never flooded it did span as much as 12 feet on one occasion, FLOODING the road in front of our house. Water seeped in EVERYWHERE that day resulting in the garage flooding where I was storing everything to go into a garage sale before moving here. Talk about a mess!


  2. I love that photo with it’s wet foliage. You have really captured the force and ferocity of the water in this shot. Water can be so gentle or so dangerous. You can see how quickly people and objects could be swept away by it.
    Water is not easy to photograph and yet you have done it!

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    • Thank you. When you know you’re safe it makes it much easier to photograph! The following year we had the most devastating floods with an inland tsunami which no one was prepared for. Respect for water took on a whole new meaning…


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