Table Toppers – Cee’s Odd-Ball Photo Challenge: 2015 Week #18

Where else could I possibly post this photo I took when we were in Australia but in Cee’s Odd-Ball Photo Challenge!

This photo came about when Miss Eleven had herself a hankering for a hamburger. Where else would one go but to Harry’s Hamburgers where, after investigating the ordering procedures, we found this last remaining free table. We sat.

Odd Ball Table Toppers


I began taking photos but was promptly reminded that we were there to eat. What did I want? Having quickly perused the menu we’d been given on entering, then reading the specials board, there was absolutely NOTHING I wanted. Eek!

Before answering however I asked young miss what she was favouring? Well, it turns out she was as uninspired as I was with the menu so we quietly returned the menus and went elsewhere.

Turns out she wanted a hamburger, less the bun. Yes, all she wanted was a steak but thought it rude to ask for one, lol! My darling little girl, bless.


7 thoughts on “Table Toppers – Cee’s Odd-Ball Photo Challenge: 2015 Week #18

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