Broken and Abandoned (WPC)

The story goes that the MV Ithaka, whilst attempting to sail out of Hudson Bay (Churchill – Manitoba), was caught in gale-force winds, whereby it’s rudder was BROKEN off.

Combined with the ensuing weather conditions the anchor wouldn’t hold, allowing the ship to be pushed onto the gravel in Bird Cove, causing out the bottom of the vessel to be ripped out.

Broken and Abandoned...

There’s also the story that the captain of the MV Ithaka, despite having been advised to remain in port due to the pending storm, refused to pay the fees that staying in harbour would have incurred thus choosing to drop anchor in the bay instead.

Either way the end result is what you see above. All crew members were safely rescued and due to the ship’s close proximity to shore, anything salvageable was.

What’s interesting however is that although Lloyd’s of London wrote the ship off as a complete loss, they refused to pay the insurance claim due to the suspicious grounding. Perhaps there was a little truth in that second story…



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