One Word Photo Challenge: COLD


This week’s One Word (weather themed) Photo Challenge is… COLD. And nothing says cold quite like a polar bear with snow flakes falling on it.

OWPC - Cold

This polar bear cub along with his mother were the first Polar Bears we saw last November. When the two of them strolled up to our tundra vehicle we thought it was Christmas. That was until snowflakes began falling from the sky, then it really was Christmas.

When we were in Churchill, Manitoba last year I must have taken 1,000’s of photos of JUST the polar bears. Now whenever I scroll through them it’s like looking at them for the first time. Just giving you a heads up, that’s all, lol! 🙂



13 thoughts on “One Word Photo Challenge: COLD

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    • Thank you so much – we couldn’t believe our luck when it began lightly snowing on our first “close-up” encounter as it seemed only appropriate for this subject matter! 🙂


    • Thank you so much – this was my first “up close” encounter with a Polar Bear (from the safety and security of the Tundra Vehicle I should point out, lol)! 😉


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