the ONE FOUR Challenge: Week 4


Here it is, Week Four of the One Four Challenge by Captivate Mephew! Now for the big reveal, this was my original photo!

One Four Challenge - Original

For Week 4 I did a Black and White with a subtle Vignette, also reducing the Midpoint for that centre glow appearance. Just for kicks I’ve included my previous weeks for a comparison.

Well, there’s no denying that this was indeed a challenge and all I was changing was a rose. However, it certainly reinforced my need to do something about my photo software. There’s nothing like incentive to get one motivated that’s for sure!

Now, what to choose for next month’s One Four Challenge

the ONE FOUR Challenge




13 thoughts on “the ONE FOUR Challenge: Week 4

  1. Joanne the mono is so soft and beautiful.. such delicate treatment.. and I love the red rose with the dark vignette too. 🙂 It’s been a good month of processes for you. Glad you took up the challenge.
    It really is a learning curve!

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