OWPC: DRY – High and Dry

This week’s One Word Photo Challenge from Jennifer Nichole Wells is… Dry.

Initially I was thinking along the lines of the Grand Canyon or maybe even the Hoover Dam, something at least with dirt and certainly not this!

High and Dry in Tofino!

When I stumbled upon this photo from when we flew over Tofino, High and DRY came immediately to mind, with high tides possibly the only exception. Perhaps not quite what was intended but it rocked my world, lol!



11 thoughts on “OWPC: DRY – High and Dry

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    • Thank you so much as it was pure luck as I was looking in the opposite direction and almost didn’t see this island and it’s boat as we were coming into land.


    • Me also until I realized he’s probably saving on docking/harbour fees by throwing anchor on this tiny island then using his blow-up to get to shore! 🙂


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