Crusted Couplings (MM2-14)


Last week for Monochrome Madness the theme from Leanne Cole Photography was water. Here is one of my other photos I was considering as a possibility for that theme, a forgotten chain at a pier in Tofino, Vancouver Island.

Crusted Couplings MM-14

When Leanne first suggested a once-a-month theme I won’t deny I was a little anxious if I’d be able to participate, would I be able to rise to the challenge? Oh the pressure, the angst, what’s a girl to do?

Well, now of course it looks as if I’m going to be enjoying the wonderful side-effects this once-a-month challenge gives me… the rejects! Oh yes, I always know EXACTLY which photo I would like to share, it’s just that by the time I scroll through my others images in search of it, I stumble upon one or two other possibilities.

These other possibilities may just get me through the rest of the month, maybe. This capture is actually from the same day I took last week’s submission, it’s one of the near-by pier-pylons where we disembarked from our sea-plane.

Chains such as these always leave me wondering…



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