Pretty Bird (One Four Challenge: Week 2)


Okie Dokie, here we are at Week Two of Robyn’s from Captivate Me One Four Challenge and I have to say I was absolutely stumped. No matter what I did, it seemed to always have the same end result until I discovered the “reflection” effect.

Pretty Bird 1-4-2 Challenge

Having tweaked the hues and contrast as much as possible then cropped the bird mercilessly, I then reflected the image, managing to add a wonderful gradient to the overall photo at the same time.

This is so totally out of my realm but that’s what I love/hate about this challenge, it is so freakin‘ challenging, lol! 😉


the ONE FOUR Challenge




23 thoughts on “Pretty Bird (One Four Challenge: Week 2)

  1. I so agree with everyone’s sentiments here – you’ve tried something really different… and very successfully Joanne!
    This edition makes me want to keep looking and I like that you’ve pushed it to abstraction. Fantastic!

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  2. Thanks, Joanne. I have just learned something that should have been evident from the start. These challenges are to push you outside your particular comfort zone! I have yet to try anything adding different filters and presets. Gotta start thinking differently! 🙂

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