Looks can be Deceiving (OWPC: Windy)


New York City was our actual destination on this particular day but due to the huge sea swells and the extremely WINDY conditions, our ship was seeking shelter at the Port of Halifax.

Windy in Halifax

Looks can be deceptive as although it looks just bleak and cold, there were 70 kilometre per hour winds gusting through that city and trust me, we knew first-hand as we walked the nearby streets. Oh. My. Gosh. It was hard work but SO funny.

The children were not amused however as we walked against the wind back to the ship form the Maritime Museum, it was tortuous. What was worse though, the ice-cream shop that I was bribing the children with to keep walking DIDN’T have ice-creams. Talk about false advertising, lol! 😉

WINDY is this week’s challenge word from Jennifer Nichole Wells One Word (Weather) Photo Challenge.



8 thoughts on “Looks can be Deceiving (OWPC: Windy)

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  2. That’s a nice capture of the ship compared to the building! And I know how it feels to walk against those winds…tried to walk to the ocean once in such wind here and turned back very soon.

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    • Thank goodness we could see the ship, it made for an easy carrot to dangle in front of the children to keep them walking in that direction and thanks to the wind, I couldn’t hear much of their discontentment, lol! 🙂


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