Life is my MUSE (WPC)


The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge this week is… MUSE! The question asked of us was… so what’s your muse – what subject do you turn to frequently, more inspired each time? Good question, what is my muse?

After a week-end of pondering I sat down to write Mother Nature is my muse. Before I knew it I was side-tracked with tidying the backyard following a week-end of festivities. Then I saw this lovely composition and new exactly what my muse is… LIFE!

Life is my Muse

It so appealed to me the fence that’s seen better days, the hot pink chair and a lone purple flower vying for attention between the two. The contrast between the old and the new, the smooth and the rough, the dark and the bright, it’s so life!

Life may not always be as bright and cheerful as that chair, or as delicate as the flower, and there are some days I feel just like that old fence but you know what? I wouldn’t change a thing, I feel so blessed to be part of this journey called life.

And to my Darling Husband on our wedding anniversary, thank you for sharing this journey with me! xx



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