ABFriday – July

Why do I keep doing this to myself? Yes, I’ve found another photo challenge, but when I read Stacy Fischer’s post regarding the After-Before Friday over at Visual Venturing combined with Robin Kent’s magnificent image, well… I just couldn’t help myself!

If you haven’t already visited Robin Kent’s blog, Photography by Kent, you really must to so. This is his image for the After-Before Friday Challenge.

Robin Kent One Photo Focus July

What is this exactly? It’s where on the first ABFriday of each month all participants edit the same photo. Cool huh?

Now, here is my version of the above iconic photo. I’ve cropped it, I’ve removed most of the people, then added a Grunge Filter to create the feel the photo is much older than it actually is.

One Photo Focus - My Editing

To view all the other submissions for this awesome event visit Stacy at Visual Venturing. I so love how we can all look at the same image but see it so differently – BRILLIANT!




25 thoughts on “ABFriday – July

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    • Thank you so much Robin for your kind words but your image made it so much easier. Am looking forward to dipping my toes in again over at Stacy’s and who knows, I might even learn to use Photoshop by then, lol! 😉


  2. Hey Joanne, I tried and tried to remove the people but PS just didnt want to play with this image so Im glad someone managed to get it to work. I really like what you did here, the lighter grunge effect works really well, it looks like a postcard thats a bit faded and scuffed and scratched from being in storage for many years 🙂

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    • Thank you so much! I remembered the old photographs I’d find in my father’s office desk, the way they’d aged was just as interesting to me as the photos as often I had NO idea who was in them! 🙂


  3. Wow, you make it sound so easy, Joanne 😀 I really do love the vintage feel with the purplish cast. It really does look like an old, wornout photo (I like how Desley characterized it 😀). I’m so glad you managed to find the time to participate this month (and hope you’ll be back for more)!!

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