Contrast in Beauty (Flower Friday)

Oh how my son was embarrassed with me getting this capture. I noticed these flowers as we drove into a grocery store’s carpark and with my camera was sitting on the back seat I was determined to take a photo before we left.

Contrast of Beauty

My son naturally sat in the car whilst I took the photo but what was funnier, a little old man determined to prove his right of way, drove past me, missing me by mere inches even as I stood leaning against the fence.

Having proved his point this driver then went on to the intersection, sitting in the left hand lane of a two-way road to turn right… oops. Perhaps he wasn’t as clever as he first thought, lol!




6 thoughts on “Contrast in Beauty (Flower Friday)

    • There were so many semi-trailer trailers lined up behind these flowers that I have NEVER noticed until the little old man was using me as target practice, lol! 🙂


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