Early Morning INSPIRATION! (WPC)

Ironically INSPIRATION, this week’s photo challenge from the Daily Post, is just what I need… 😦

You see I’m “decluttering” the house. Finally I’m getting rid of all those things we “couldn’t live without” yet have seldom, if not NEVER, used. And sadly, as you would know if you’ve ever decluttered, it always looks worse before it looks better.

So as I sat with my coffee, chin in hand, choosing to look out my kitchen window rather than the chaos within, I noticed a tree outside seemingly illuminated as the raindrops hanging from its leaves glistened in the early morning clouded light.

Early Morning Inspiration!

Inspiration right outside my kitchen window, doesn’t really get much better then that does it? These plants not so long ago were looking for some inspiration themselves as their leaves slowly withered. With the rain however comes renewed life. Dust is washed from the leaves, energy is taken within.

Not certain that’s quite what’s happening with me right now, more likely that fourth espresso is finally kicking in, whatever it is though, I’m ready to tackle my decluttering day once again. Wish me luck!



3 thoughts on “Early Morning INSPIRATION! (WPC)

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