The Cobb – One Focus Friday (ABFriday)

It’s the beginning of a new month and another exciting challenge from Stacy Fischer over at Visual Venturing. This week’s photo is titled “The Cobb“, photographed by Katie Prior of Drawing with Light. This is my interpretation…

The Cobb - ABFriday

And this is the original…

The Cobb before


Not sure if I’m completely happy with my interpretation as I feel it still needs one more tweak but with my head buzzing with so many other things going on in our lives just at present, whatever it needs sadly escapes me. I did attempt adding a Grunge Filter but have to say, on the big screen this morning, I wasn’t feeling it.

With one thing and another happening and it being summer vacation with two teenagers in the house I didn’t get to this until the eleventh hour so am VERY grateful to Stacy for including my submission. And be sure to see what everyone else has done over at Visual Venturing and have yourselves a FABULOUS week-end!




16 thoughts on “The Cobb – One Focus Friday (ABFriday)

  1. Good for your that you “saw” the strength of removing the foreground couple – I totally missed it! Despite you saying you’re not entirely happy with the outcome (we’re our own worst critics), I think your final image is lovely. And I’m delighted the timing worked out for both of us so that we could all see your work! Thanks, Joanne. Keep enjoying your summer break 🙂

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    • Thank you so much for your kind words Stacy and am so glad also that the timing worked out for us both. Even over the weekend I was still pondering as to what it was that was missing. What did you say? Our own worst critic, lol! 🙂

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  2. I know what you mean about stuff going on, I almost forgot too cos I got sick and had an ant infestation, but Stacy sent a reminder so I got off my bum and had a go 🙂 I like the almost tiltshift effect you have going on here with the big soft vignette.

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    • An ant infestation – oh how I feel your pain on THAT! At our last house after an enormous amount of rain all the ants “moved” inside. What a nightmare getting rid of them. Hope yours are disappearing quickly! As for me, I purposely didn’t plan any “big” vacations during the summer for the very reason I didn’t want to feel as we were chasing our tail yet we are… go figure, lol! 🙂


      • Fortnately I found the hole they were coming in and blocked it and then got an exterminator in to spray and stuff, more money I don’t have to shell out but hopefully it will work and the roadworks which is what had agitated them are due to finish SOON!

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    • I love Vignettes so much that I have to stop myself from using them ALL the time, lol! Things aren’t going to settle down anytime soon I fear… it’s almost time to for a new view outside my kitchen window… always bittersweet. 😦


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